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Knights of Coalesce

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 Guild Application Form and Guidelines

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Guild Application Form and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Guild Application Form and Guidelines   Guild Application Form and Guidelines EmptyThu 18 May 2006 - 6:19


You must be an active player
You must be willing to help others in the guild if you can
You must be polite to others in the guild and try to get along with other people on Alleria server: Remember you will be representing our guild if you are accepted.
Above all, remember that its just a game and we're here to have fun.

Recruitment status

Paladin - Open
Druids - Needed
Hunters - Full: Case by Case Basis
Mages - Open
Priests - Needed
Rogues - Full: Case by Case Basis
Warlocks - Needed
Warriors - Needed

If you are interested in Knights of Coalesce, please post with this information and an officer will reply to you on this forum or in the game.

1. Main character name and current level

2. Race

3. Class

4. Current spec

5. Mmorpg experience, if any. If this is your first online rpg that is ok.

6. Post a sponsor's character name, if you already have one. If not, continue to post and possibly a sponsor will pick you up soon.

7. Any other guilds you have been a member of in World of Warcraft.

8. A very short statement on why you would like to join Knights of Coalesce.
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Guild Application Form and Guidelines
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