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 Kara run signups policy

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Kara run signups policy Empty
PostSubject: Kara run signups policy   Kara run signups policy EmptyFri 10 Aug 2007 - 12:43

Hey guys, we're changing the way we do Kara signups. Moving forward we're going to try doing signups on the Raid Page of Lolliwiki rather than GEM. If this doesn't work for people we'll try something else. The reason for this switch is that some people are having problems with GEM; events are appearing and disappearing, signups are getting lost... it would be the ideal tool if it worked, but it's not working Sad

I will continue to post GEM events with the Raid Page address in the comments, and I will also post here when a new run is open for signups. Right now there are signups for a run on Tuesday, August 14th at the usual time of 8pm. Here is the Raid Page for that run. To sign up you will need to edit that page, which you can do using a password--no need to register, but you do need to enter name and email (as changes and who makes them are recorded by the wiki software). Is this forum locked to registered members? I'd like to post the password here but don't want to give it out to the general public for obvious reasons.

I've also transferred over all

Sorry for any inconvenience. Know that the order of priority is always:
1st - Class balance: without it, there isn't much of a raid
2nd - Rotation: those least recently on a run get priority
3rd - Sign up time

Note that we rarely reach item 3 above anyway, so the fact that I'm late in notifying y'all of this change doesn't affect your likelihood of getting in the raid. In the unlikely case that it does, well, I'll just ignore signup times this time around (could really only affect Bromonn anyway, as he's the only one scheduled for the 8-12-07 run at the moment).

Anyway, sorry for the marathon post, and hope to see some of you in Kara!
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Kara run signups policy
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